romka-T: Карбонавая рама КК Cube 17", твентинайнер

Пн май 27, 2019 16:00

Знакомый продаёт раму, катана два сезона.
Müügil on 2a sõidetud XC raam.

Cube Reaction GTC 2016 года
нее boost
17" размер
вес 1275 gr
Цена 300€
Контакт продавца:


GTC Twin Mold Monocoque Technology, ARG2, Tapered Headtube, PressFit BB, X12, Integrated Cable Routing

Next to the Reaction GTC frame, even some pro race bikes may come up a bit short. We've built this chassis to be both light and stiff, by using sophisticated construction with our GTC Twin Mould technique and applying modern technologies like the tapered head tube, PressFit bottom bracket and an X12 quick release axle. The slim 27.2mm seatpost adds a little extra comfort and, with Agile Ride Geometry (ARG), there's no compromise in the handling department.

romka-T: Re: Карбонавая рама КК Cube 17", твентинайнер

Пн июн 10, 2019 10:52