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The inspiration for our aluminium seatpost "LEICHTES STÜCK" is encountered in everyday life, for example in the form of half-timbered houses, tower cranes and bridge structures.
The construction of the tower crane is the most impressive.

A narrow crane tower with a relatively long, overhanging boom.
Who was not impressed, as a child, that the crane would not collapse or fall?

Among other things, this kind of design is possible by a special arrangement of the struts.

On this kind of technique is based our "LEICHTES STÜCK". The cut-outs according to this principle enable us to achieve a weight saving of 40 grams without sacrificing stability and stiffness.
For this, we even accept a 20-minute longer milling time on our 4-axis CNC machine.

говорят что сделали штырь по аналогии с конструкцией башенных кранов

надо было пойти дальше и сделать его квадратным и убрать метал изнутри треугольников полностью, сняли бы еще 40 граммов точно :D

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Камеры для мтб лайтовые, по цене покрышек

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If cross-country racing is your thing, you might be interested in Stan's new Podium SRD 29er wheelset that comes in at a feathery 1,287-grams - that's lighter than one burly downhill tire. The SRD acronym stands for ' Stan’s Racing Development,' which makes sense given their weight. Minimal heft is the obvious metric when it comes to cross-country racing (the Podium SRD rim weighs just 300-grams), but Stan's is doing some neat things with the rim design to improve both reliability and ride feel.

With an internal width of 23mm, the $1,995 USD Podium SRD wheelset is best suited to 2.0'' to 2.25'' tires, and they have a rider weight limit of 86kg.

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Snk писал(а):Алюминиевый штырь весом 155г не желаете?

вживую выглядит как минимум интересно


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Snk писал(а):вживую выглядит как минимум интересно

Что-то смутно напоминает... :D


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уродство фото штыря и руки

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